I should never be surprised by any member of the Cuomo at this point. As the saying goes, expect the worst and you will never be disappointed.

This weekend was no exception.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was at a black church on Palm Sunday shamelessly attempting to pander — shameless pandering is the family way as his brother Chris proves on CNN everyday — when he delivered this line:

“I’m a Catholic. Catholics basically believe the same thing as Baptists believe. We just do it without the rhythm. But we try. We try. We are not as without rhythm as our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

Cuomo then compounded his stupidity by pointing out Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf, a former campaign adviser who is Jewish, who was sitting in the front row wearing a yarmulke.

“I was just watching Mr. Sheinkopf here in the front row, moving to the music. It was ugly. It was ugly.”

No, Governor, it was not ugly. What you said about Jews… THAT was ugly.

Then again, this is a member of the family that once sent out mailers explicity trashing former NYC Mayor Ed Koch using gay slurs “Vote for Cuomo not the homo,” so this kind of behavior should be expected.

Of course, there are already people making excuses for what Cuomo said. “Oh, come on, he was just making a joke,” they say. “He didn’t really mean it,” they say.

As a Jewish man, I find these excuses to be disgusting.

First of all, I will have you know that I can dance quite well, thank you.

Second, this was gross stereotype and there is no way it would have been acceptable in any other setting.

Don’t believe me?

Ok, let’s change the scenario. Let’s say Governor Cuomo was at Temple courting the Jewish vote and everybody watched a short video together. Then the Governor started talking and made a joke about how it was quiet in the Temple, which would not be the case at a black Church, because black people cannot be quiet during moves.

As soon as this we change this joke from a negative stereotype of Jewish people dancing to a negative stereotype of black people talking too loud at movies……it’s not so funny anymore, is it?

No, it is not. And nobody would be making excuses for it.

Cuomo went into a black church to quote a demographic he knows he has to fight for and in an attempt to come off as hip to them, made an ugly remark about another demographic he apparently does not seem to worry about attracting.

It is like when you make fun of a friend next to the quarterback of the football team to seem cool.
Quite frankly it was pathetic.

But he will get away with it, because people like him always do. Same as his father did before him.

If you’re powerful enough, connected enough, and have the right political affiliation, somehow stuff like this always goes away.

Well, it shouldn’t.

I’m constantly told we are living in a new era where people can no longer say bigoted things with impunity and expect to be free from consequences. I’d like to see the people of New York prove that to be true.

Governor Cuomo accidentally revealed his true feelings on Sunday. Message received.

But now it is time for a message to be sent right back to him on Election Day: Get lost. Goodbye. You’re fired!

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