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No matter what your thoughts are on the Trump presidency so far, one thing nobody can deny is that surprises seem to happen almost daily.

Last night may have been the biggest surprise of all.

No sitting U.S. President has met with a dictator of the North Korean regime, but if what was announced last night holds true, that could be about to change.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has apparently asked to meet with President Trump and is reportedly open to discussing nuclear disarmament.

Just the idea of this even being a possibility is incredible. Mere months ago Trump and Kim were trading insults and people were speculating it could lead to a war.

Now, we could be about to see unprecedented peace talks.

Love him or hate him, make no mistake about it: if President Trump somehow plays a role in negotiating peace between North and South Korea and Kim disarms as part of that deal, it would be an incredible accomplishment and put him in the history books.

Amazingly, it could even lead to the president and Kim sharing the Nobel Peace Prize.

That said, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Other presidents have tried to deal with North Korea and been led astray. No reason to celebrate until we see what actually comes of this.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot get excited about the possibility of some form of peace in that region.

The common belief was that short of nuclear war, there would never be a stop to the turmoil between North and South Korea.

But could that be changing?

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Michael Malice, author of the great book “Dear Reader,” who is an expert on North Korea thinks it is possible.

“This is unprecedented. No sitting American president has ever met with a North Korean leader,” said Malice to Breitbart News. “The Korean War isn’t over. There’s only an armistice. The North and the South are technically at war. It’s a very easy concession from both sides to sign a peace treaty, even though it doesn’t mean anything because they’re already effectively at peace. That would still be a big deal in terms of moving the world forward.”

But does he think it can actually happen?

“It’s always very complicated. So there’s a few factors that go into this. First of all, if Trump had refused, then they could go to face the world and say, ‘Look, we’re the doves. We’re the peace-seeking ones. We want diplomacy — even though we threatened to nuke Guam last summer. Let’s forget about that. We’re the diplomats, and Trump’s the warmonger.’ So that’s one big move that they made.”

“Second of all,” he added, “it could be that King Jong-un thinks he’s so bright that he’s going to be able to run circles around Trump in a negotiation, and third, so much of this stuff is behind the scenes. When North Korea was negotiating with Japan, the negotiator wouldn’t even give his real name. We don’t know what went on behind the scenes to make this meeting about to happen, and I doubt very highly that Kim Jong-un asked publicly, and Trump agreed publicly, without there having been behind the scenes groundwork laid. That seems absurd to me.”

So, as Malice said, it is possible this is all smoke and no fire.

But it is a chance worth taking.

Your enemies will always be your enemies if you are not willing to talk to them. By agreeing to have these talks, we now have the first step we never thought we would see.

Whether or not it results in a historic peace agreement remains to be seen.

But for once, it seems like hope is real, and that is a great thing.

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