Former FBI Director James Comey wrote a book and if the excerpts are any indication, I am pretty sure there are about 1,000 other books I would be better served reading.

Among the issues spoken about in the book apparently include President Trump’s hand size (who cares?), the fact that he was angry about the “pee” dossier (shocking!), and that Donald Trump likes his people to be extremely loyal (not exactly breaking news).

Comey also talks in the book about how he probably would not have revealed that the FBI had re-opened its investigation into Hillary Clinton if he thought Trump had any chance to win.

What a principled guy.

Anybody who knows me know how much I support law enforcement.

But between Andrew McCabe and James Comey, it is hard not to have a sour taste in your mouth about some of the actions the FBI has taken over the past few years.

Thankfully they are both gone now and we can start restoring full trust in the agency.

I already wrote at length about McCabe. But with Comey, I really do not know if there has ever been anybody in law enforcement more shameless and self-involved.

The man somehow ALWAYS finds a way to make EVERYTHING about him and enrich himself in the process.

But you do have to hand it to him.

His actions during the 2016 election were incompetent at every turn and he may have actually done more than any other outside force to hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

People on the left were furious at him. Yet Comey somehow figured out how he could not only make all of these people love him, but also get them to give him money hand over fist.

All he had to do was say some mean things about Donald Trump and presto: James Comey went from the evil guy who cost Hillary Clinton the election to #Resistance hero in the blink of an eye.

The con is so transparently sad but it went over like gangbusters with his target audience.

Gotta tip your cap to that at least.

But after you are done tipping your cap, go back and review Comey’s conduct every step of the way and shake your head at how unbelievably incompetent he was as an FBI Director.

Then go ahead and chuckle at what a self-promoting charlatan he is and take the $25 you might spend on his book and do something useful with it.

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