Another day, another embarrassment for CNN.

The network continues to stand by a report that President Trump was aware of his son’s meeting with a Russian who offered dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Is the story true?

I obviously cannot say for sure.

However, what I CAN say is that the sourcing for the report is dubious at best.

CNN claimed in their report that Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis had declined comment.

But Davis himself said that he was one of CNN’s sources for the story.

CNN claims to have other sources as well, but they are anonymous and the apparent lie about Davis makes CNN’s assertion very suspect.

This whole affair is ridiculous and sadly not unique in the slightest.

I could fill a book with all of the salacious stories about President Trump that have been passed around since his inauguration only to later be proven false or have some sort of credibility problem.

This boils down to two things: the need to get the story first rather than getting it right, and the desire to bring down the president.

The first matter I listed is entirely on journalists and media outlets.

There is zero excuse for the type of sloppy reporting done on stories like these CNN should be ashamed of itself.

As for the second, I blame that partially on journalists, but more on the outlets that are looking for ratings, clicks, and social media shares.

It always follows the same pattern: A story that is potentially very damaging to the president comes out.

Instead of carefully gathering the facts and taking the proper time to ensure accuracy, a story gets rushed because it is a “bombshell.”

Later, this story turns out to be false or have major credibility issues, but because the story generated so many eyeballs and it supports the larger anti-Trump narrative, what’s the big deal, right?

That attitude is exactly why so many Americans simply do not trust the press or those who pass around the stories they have written.

America needs a free and trustworthy press, because while I am a supporter of the president, every government official should always be held to the highest possible standard.

That is what the press is for.

But when stories like these come out every day and the media writ large seems uninterested in fixing the problem, you find yourself in a boy who cried wolf situation where it becomes tough to take anything at face value.

The media needs to be more careful and thorough if it ever wants to regain public trust rather than just getting clicks, views, and shares.

Because if the latter is all they want, then fine, they should go ahead and keep doing exactly what they are doing.

But if they actually want people to view them as credible news sources? Then they may want to proceed with a little more caution going forward.

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