Chris Cuomo is Torching CNN

Dr. Munr Kazmir
5 min readMar 20, 2022

If Chris Cuomo is going down, he is taking CNN with him: He’s suing the network and airing all prime time’s dirty laundry.

The CNN Center, at 190 Marietta Street NW, is the world headquarters of the Cable News Network (CNN), housing offices and the main newsrooms and studios for several channels. May 8, 2013. (photo: Wally Gobetz)

“This action is about the unlawful termination of Claimant Chris Cuomo (“Cuomo”) by Respondent Turner Services, Inc. (“Turner”), an affiliate of Respondent CNN America, Inc. (“CNN”) based on Turner’s false claims that Cuomo violated CNN’s standards and practices by assisting his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during a time of political crisis,” began an explosive legal brief filed on Wednesday by former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo against his one-time employer.

“In fact, Cuomo fully complied with CNN’s standards and practices, including keeping CNN executives apprised of his actions at all times,” the brief read. “Turner’s unjustifiable termination of Cuomo reflects nothing more than an apparent rush to judgement and caving to uninformed public and internal pressure that was based on speculation and assumption rather than facts and evidence.”

It is a somewhat ironic twist: The media network that helped turn the news into a tabloid punchline has itself become grist for the ad-click mill it created.

The whole gleaming edifice of CNN seems to have been crashing down brick by brick lately, sagging under the weight of scandal after scandal after scandal. And that is to say nothing of the major errors in reporting which have occurred regularly at CNN over the past few years in particular.

An overwhelming majority of Americans no longer trust CNN to deliver their news and who can blame them?

As each scandal has rocked the newsroom at CNN- from the fall of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the black eye it gave the network, to the firing of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, to the ouster of CNN President Jeff Zucker himself- every major milestone on the road to CNN’s ruin has been marked by hair-raising revelations about what has really been going on behind the scenes at what was once one of the world’s most trusted news networks.

It’s no wonder they didn’t have time to properly report the news. Between their tortured personal lives and cashing-in on the demise of good journalism, there doesn’t seem to have been much time left.

Nothing, however, not even the shocking departure of Zucker and the revelations which…