Biden is Too Vulnerable in the Race Against Donlad Trump

It isn’t that any of Biden’s drawbacks are deal-breakers, it’s that Trump will exploit every weakness without mercy.

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with supporters at a community event at the Best Western Regency Inn in Marshalltown, Iowa. July, 2019. (photo: Gage Skidmore)

The Way We Weren’t

Joe Biden would have done wonderfully in a race against a genteel career politician like Mitt Romney.

Former Vice President Biden would have held up fine against a Republican firebrand like John McCain. Paul Ryan should have perhaps been Biden’s first pick for an opponent; a Ryan versus Biden presidential election would have been wholesome enough to become an episode of the West Wing or be made into a Hallmark television movie about the mighty power of friendship to overcome political policy disagreements.

The debates would have bored everyone to tears, of course, but since either would have made a good president, no one would have absolutely had to watch.

The humble winner might have congratulated the honorable loser on a well-run campaign. “Good game,” they might have told one another while shaking hands and mugging for the camera. “See, still friends.”

One of the them might have even gone on to serve in the administration of the other. Stranger things have happened in politics.

Donlad Trump is, of course, no Paul Ryan, no John McCain. Trump would be the first to admit that he is no Mitt Romney, either.

Nor does he even remotely try to be.

This is why a centrist high-profile Democrat like Michael Bloomberg has joined the race this late in the game: Joe Biden will not come out ahead in a matchup against Trump.

It isn’t that any of Joe Biden’s drawbacks- his age, his tendency towards embarrassing gaffes, the liability of his son Hunter’s business dealings in the Ukraine, Romania, and China while Joe Biden was the Obama Administration point man in those countries- are deal breakers.

Democrats laugh themselves silly when comparing what they consider to be the relatively minor flaws of Joe Biden with the egregious outrages committed daily by Donlad Trump.

But Joe Biden’s flaws don’t end there. Add his long voting history- including some earlier votes that were considered “tough on crime” at the time, but that ultimately resulted in millions of incarcerated people serving long sentences for nonviolent crimes, including crack cocaine sentencing discrepancy- and Biden’s laundry list of drawbacks gets considerably longer.

Add accusations of plagiarism and low fundraising numbers and Biden looks even shakier.

His campaign is also making some really obvious mistakes- like spending almost a million on private jets last quarter. These unforgivable lapses are giving the Trump campaign way too much low hanging fruit.

Biden’s competitors for the Democratic nomination have avoided taking shots at Biden on the above issues. They aren’t doing Biden any favors. All they are doing by avoiding raising these delicate issues is kicking the can down the road to the general election.

Provided Biden makes it that far.

Republicans with higher notions about fair play might have considered Biden’s son off-limits, too; they might have kept things strictly business.

The Trump campaign will extend Biden no such courtesies.

Hunter Biden is a vulnerable point and the Trump campaign is never going to cease reminding voters that, if they remember nothing else about Ukraine, they should remember that Hunter Biden made $50,000 a month there while his father was Vice President.

Not that the Trump campaign has to go into history to find ways to embarrass Joe Biden and expose him as a weak candidate.

Democrats were eager to dismiss the Biden campaigns disastrous roll-out of its recently announced Latino voter outreach program.

The Biden campaign failed to secure the website address and Twitter hashtag before announcing the name of its campaign: “Todos con Biden”.

Naturally the Trump campaign caught the mistake and capitalized, buying both for less that $100 and creating a landing page critical of Biden with reminders about the how the Trump economy has benefitted Latino workers and business owners.

What seems like a relatively minor “oops” is actually a demonstration of just how out-gunned Joe Biden is in this race against a Donlad Trump who will pull absolutely no punches whatsoever.

Especially a Donlad Trump empowered by the House Democrats impending failure to remove him from office with the current impeachment proceedings.

Joe Biden has lately been criticizing Elizabeth Warren more often, painting her as an out-of-touch elitist. Thing is, he has been doing it over and over…at big money donor events attended by millionaires and billionaires.

The Warren campaign has been too polite to mention this in her own defense. Donlad Trump, on the other hand, will not miss such an obvious provocation.

It isn’t that Joe Biden is too vulnerable right now in the race; it is the myriad, completely avoidable ways in which Joe Biden will repeatedly expose his delicate underbelly to Trump as the race progresses.

The more chances Trump gets, the more likely one of his attacks will prove the ultimate undoing of the Biden campaign.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)



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