Before you say something silly, get off social media and read a book

I was walking to my car the other day and a woman was on the side of the road with a guitar singing about how Donald Trump is a fascist.

Fascists do not typically allow people go sign songs criticizing them out in the open.

They have said oeople jailed or killed.

Ask people in Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea…..where the countries are run by actual fascists.

Or read about some of our own past presidents like Lincoln and Wilson who threw dissenters in prison.

I had a friend the other day at a social gathering decry president Trump for being so ignorant that he appointed somebody to the appellate bench who had never actually been s judge.

Elena Kagan is a Supreme Court Justice. She had zero experience as a judge before being nominated by former President Obama. She also was not the first to be on the supreme court without ever having been a judge.

At the same social gathering, another friend said he was still disgusted that President Trump was the first presidential candidate ever to not release his tax returns.

He is not.

Granted, it has been a while — since the 1970s — but there have been other presidential candidates who have not released tax returns.

The problem in all of these instances is people exist in bubbles where they only talk to others who think like them. Then they go on social media and do the same, but the people on there are even angrier and more ill-informed.

So my advice to people not just who despise president Trump, but of any political persuasion, is to read some books.

Get out of your bubbles and become more informed.

It may not win you any points with the friends you have who only want to hear their own views reinforced, it at least it will keep you from looking like a complete fool to people who have. knowledge beyond your rehearsed and largely incorrect talking points.