Dr. Munr Kazmir
4 min readSep 29, 2018


Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) voted yesterday to bring the Supreme Court nomination of embattled Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the floor of the senate for a vote.

But he also announced that he will not vote for Kavanaugh on the floor unless the FBI re-opens its background probe, which he said will take no more than a week.

Of course, this is a waste of time because there is absolutely nothing new the FBI could possibly uncover that would be relevant to the Ford accusations.

We have already heard from all of the witnesses involved including Ford and Kavanaugh, and there is no other evidence by Ford’s own admission.

So at this point, you either believe Kavanaugh assaulted Ford or you do not.

The FBI cannot possibly find anything that would tip the scales one way or the other.

As we all know, however, this is not about the FBI and never has been.

It is about the democrats finding ways to delay the vote for as long as possible, hoping they can win seats in the November elections and then use their numbers to stop any nominee President Trump puts forward.

As obvious proof of this, after calling for the FBI to probe this matter more extensively for weeks, numerous people were already saying one week is not enough and some have even gone so far as to say that Kavanaugh is clearly guilty, no matter what the FBI turns up in the end.

Really, though, what this will do is give the democrats the opportunity to gin up more allegations against Kavanaugh for everything from Jaywalking to running a satanic cult, which will give them the ammo they need to say that there are so many claims that it is overwhelming and the investigation must continue on longer.

At which point the Republicans have two options: (1) Muster the strength to get the votes they need and confirm Kavanaugh (2) Withdraw Kavanaugh and work quickly to confirm somebody else like Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who likely face even stronger opposition than Kavanaugh.

Ultimately, though, what Senator Flake has just done goes well beyond the battle for who sits on the Supreme Court seat.

Flake was reportedly confronted in an elevator by two women claiming to be sexual assault victims, and after they hectored him, that was when he went from a straight “yes” vote to the weird compromise he ended up proposing instead.

Activists everywhere have counted this as a major victory, with many openly stating they plan to get in the faces of Republicans in public from here on out to try band force similar results.

We have already seen this done to Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi, Mitch McConnell and Elaine Cho, Kristen Nielsen, Betsy Devos, etc……

Not to mention several Republican Senators being doxed and having their home addresses and phone numbers released to the public.

The problem here is that by doing this, you are opening the door to a whole new level of conflict, the likes of which I am not so sure these activists are ready for, and certainly the lies of which none of us should want.

After all, physically and verbally harassing people in public in the name of the cause is where it starts.

But the entire “They are not wrong, they are evil” sentiment being pushed here is what leads to violence, the same as it did with radical groups like the Weathermen in the 1960's.

They believed what they wanted was just and stopping people who had the power to carry out what they did not want was evil.

So whatever had to be done, so be it for the greater good.

Make no mistake, that is where this is all heading.

These activists may thin this is a good idea and may feel emboldened now, but if they keep this up, they are going to regret what they unleash.

Because those on the other side are not going to lie down and just take it without eventually fighting back in an equally dangerous way.

And this all has the potential to escalate so far that by the time the dust settles, so much damage will have been done that we will jot even recognize ourselves anymore.

So to Republican Senators, I say, if you believe Kavanaugh assaulted Ford, then vote him down.

But voting him down for any other reason is unacceptable at this point, and sets the precedent that will lead to these kinds of tactics being used over and over again, and in far more dangerous ways.

And to the activists who think continuing down this path is a good idea, I say, think long and hard about the long-term ramifications of what you are doing, and what the other side may do in return.

Because this has the potential to get very scary for the entire country, and I hope all of us have the good sense to find a way to stop it from happening.