April Jobs Report Gives Pandemic Recovery A+

Dr. Munr Kazmir
4 min readMay 7, 2022

The report was good news with even better news between the lines.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

There may be good reason longtime Democratic Party analyst and political prognosticator James Carville isn’t overawed by rising inflation and its potential impact on the mid-term election.

“How big of a problem is this for the President?” CNN host Erin Burnett asked Mr. Carville on Thursday, mentioning specifically a CNN poll, “that found two-thirds of all Americans now disapprove of how President Biden specifically is handling the economy.”

“That’s bad,” Burnett told Carville. “On top of that, more than 50% of Democrats think the economy is in poor shape. 81% of independents think the economy is in poor shape. These are bad, no good numbers in the entire thing.”

While admitting the poll is, “a huge problem,” Carville immediately pivoted to the number of jobs created under the Biden Administration.

“A plurality of Americans think no jobs have been created under Joe Biden, and I think in his first 16 months it’s the best opening 16 months of any president since World War II in job creation,” Carville answered.

“We have supply chain issues causing a great deal of grief,” he qualified. “Shanghai is probably the leading port in the world in terms of supply chain. So they have formidable problems but understand we’ve had real good job creation and we have had a real reduction in child poverty.”

“I don’t think people, I think there is an entire picture of an economy here,” Carville told CNN host Erin Burnett on Thursday. “I don’t think people in America are understanding completely where it is. There are bad things, but if we’re making these decisions on the assumption, no jobs created, that’s just not true. Jobs are being created left and right.”

While Carville was lampooned in the conservative press, the just-released April jobs report has plenty to back up his claim- that things are good and getting better and people just haven’t noticed yet. Nor is Carville alone.

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