Antisemitism in Paradise?

Dr. Munr Kazmir
3 min readJun 5, 2024

The Maldives has banned all Israeli passports. No other nation’s citizens are being punished for the actions of their government.

Photo by Ahmed Yaaniu on Unsplash.

Maldives will ban Israelis from entering the country over the war in Gaza,” announced the Associated Press on Monday. “The Maldives government will ban Israelis from the Indian Ocean archipelago, known for luxury resorts, as public anger in the predominantly Muslim nation rises over the war in Gaza.”

“The president’s office said Sunday that the Cabinet decided to change laws to prevent Israeli passport holders from entering the country and to establish a subcommittee to oversee the process,” added the AP.

The shocking turn of events is still reverberating throughout the geopolitical establishment and the press this week.

The Maldives Banning Israelis Is a Disgrace,” fumed Billy Binion for Reason Magazine on June 4, 2024. “President Mohamed Muizzu cannot claim to be on the right side of history while adhering to a textbook definition of bigotry.”

Binion clarified that “blaming and punishing an entire nationality for the actions of their government is a near-textbook definition of bigotry.”

“The Maldives, the paradisiacal archipelago synonymous with lush tropical getaways, will ban Israelis from traveling there in protest over military action…