I have to hand it to all the people who passed around a picture of illegal immigrant children being held in cages at a detention center.

They photograph was powerful and sickening to look at.

It spread through social media like wildfire, with all the usual “Resistance” types losing their minds as if they had caught the president committing murder.

Except it was all based on a lie. A lie of omission, but a lie nonetheless.

The photograph was actually from 2014, when Barack Obama was president.

Once this started being pointed out — that the picture in question was taken on President Obama’s watch — people started to backtrack and make qualifying statements like “well, at least Obama tried to do something to stop this.”

But that is not why the photo was shared. It was shared in an attempt to make President Trump look like some unique kind of terror, when in fact the picture and the problem long predates him.

Unfortunately, we have seen many similar cases during the Trump presidency

For example, last year, a story circulated that Orrin Hatch had said on the Senate floor that CHIP — the health insurance program for low income children — needed to go because he was tired of funding programs for people who refused to help themselves.

Except as even Ezra Klein of Vox — who is no fan of Republicans — pointed out, Hatch was not talking about CHIP when he made those comments and even said he would see to it that CHIP got funded.

But do not tell that to all the people making fun of Hatch for disparaging “free loading” children.

There are many more recent examples of this, but you get the point.

I understand we are in an age of social media where everything happens fast. But when you incidents like this happen — repeatedly — it becomes quite obvious what is really going on.

As I said, the social media age has certainly made things worse. In the old days, a news story would not be instant because you were waiting to air it on the 6PM news, or if you were a newspaper, get it into tomorrow’s edition.

But now? Gotta get it out there first and worry about accuracy later. Nuance and thorough checking be damned.

Put simply, people need to be better than this. Incidents like this are what give the president ammo to shout “fake news.”

These kind of major mistakes actively keep that from happening.

We are officially in the Jerry Springer era now, where nothing matters except outrage. Accuracy does is irrelevant if a story involves pushing your preferred narrative.

In this case, President Trump has certainly escalated the issue in question, but by pretending like it began with him merely because you want to continue the charade that President Obama was a saint, any point you may have had gets completely lost.

As I said, Jerry Springer would be proud.

The fact is, we have illegal immigrant children being horribly mistreated and people only seem to care now as a way of throwing shade at President Trump. This whole ordeal has exposed many for what they really are, which is phonies who only care about something bad when the “other guy” is in charge.

So, while we need to put pressure on the president and the Congress to take the proper steps to fix this issue, we also need to remember that it is now and always has been bigger than just one president.

Unless you think virtue signaling on social media and yelling “resist” is more important than helping these children.

Because if you do, then go on doing what you are doing. Expose yourself even further.

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