America First.

It’s a simple concept, really. But unfortunately, it is one that many in our political class do not take very seriously.

The political hand-wringing over President Trump “talking mean” to North Korea has been made to look quite foolish in the wake of the fact that North Korea and South Korea have agreed to sit down and talk about easing tensions for the first time in quite a while.

It’s in America’s best interest that the issues over there get resolved peacefully, even if it takes some incredibly harsh words to make that happen.

America First.

While Sec. Hillary Clinton was accusing Vladimir Putin of “hacking our election” — a claim she never came close to substantiating — and threatening to shoot down Russian planes with a no-fly zone in Syria, President Trump said he wanted to sit down with Putin and work things out.

This wasn’t collusion with Russia, it was avoiding another war while attempting to strategically form an alliance to crush terrorist enemies.

America First.

While the current administration made a deal with Iran that was so bad that they had to — as Obama administration official Ben Rhodes admitted to the New York Times — hide it from the American public and then compounded that by making a ransom payment they tried to deny making, President Trump has said he wants to get rid of that terrible agreement and make a better one that ensures Iran does not go nuclear.

America First.

While the Obama administration put out a press release touting the so-called mixed legacy of Fidel Castro, a murderous, authoritarian dictator who imprisoned and executed gays, Afro-Cubans and political dissidents of all stripes, President Trump called Castro out for the monster he truly was and warned Cuba that if they don’t change their ways, the United States has no reason to do anything that is to their benefit.

America First.

Under the watch of the last two administrations, we spent trillions of dollars and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people — both American and those in the middle east — to fight wars that created more enemies abroad. In addition to leaving Iraq a mess the U.S. government turned Libya into a chaotic war zone with migrants struggling for their lives.

Donald Trump was against that. America First.

I keep repeating “America First” but I do so as a reminder that the American people elected President Trump for that very reason: they wanted a President who isn’t going to make terrible deals with foreign governments and deny them, who isn’t going to spend trillions of dollars and waste hundreds of thousands of lives in unnecessary wars, and who most certainly isn’t going to let the United States be anybody’s doormat.

Peace through strength. No more politics as usual.

America first.

It is about time somebody stood for that in this country and I, for one, am proud as can be that we finally have a leader at the top of our government, President Trump, who feels the same way.