Alarm Bells Sound on Joe Biden

Democratic insiders are more concerned than ever about Biden’s electability.

Former Vice President Joe Biden. (photo: Gage Skidmore)

Democrats are beginning to sound the alarm on the Biden campaign. From moderates to progressives, stalwarts to converts, former President Joe Biden is looking less like the Democratic front-runner with each passing day.

Trailing the closest other candidates by $10 million in third-quarter fundraising, Biden’s campaign is also failing dismally to parry the Trump campaign’s Ukraine thrust that drew Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his dubious business career into the spotlight.

With Biden flailing, grave concerns about the left-leaning Sen. Elizabeth Warren overtaking him, and House Democrats dragging their feet on a formal impeachment vote, things aren’t looking as good as they should in the era of Donald Trump.

Any political party worth its salt should be cleaning up right now.

That House Democrats have failed to call a formal vote reveals the weakness of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s case against Donald Trump; if a formal vote was likely to help the Democratic cause, Pelosi would have called for a vote long before now.

Democrats from blue districts are possibly keeping primary challengers from the left at bay, but Democratic congresspeople from swing states and purple districts are concerned about their reelection chances.

If they can avoid it, they aren’t talking about impeachment in their home districts.

This doesn’t spell success for Pelosi’s most recent impeachment gambit. It shows too that Democrats are perhaps victims of their own success with the American press corps at large.

Some media outlets are so committed to advancing the Democratic agenda, and so determined to see Donald Trump removed from office, they have convinced liberal Democrats, and possibly themselves, that Trump is a racist, white-supremacist murderer, a treasonous agent of a hostile foreign power and the most corrupt agent of government in the history of the world.

Of course the Democratic electorate is braying for Trump’s blood as a result. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats had little choice but to move on impeachment last week. Impeachment, even the watered-down “impeachment inquiry”, a caveat so often conveniently lost in news articles, is the only thing that will satisfy the left now.

They do not see the media’s constant negative portrayal of Trump, and even the most hyperbolic claims against him, as in any way partisan. They do not believe that Trump is a metaphorical murderer, being lambasted by his political opponents in office and in the press, who have their own motivations; the most progressively left honestly believe Trump is a literal, actual murderer.

Why wouldn’t they?

But I suppose some extremely right-wing conservatives believe the Clintons have murdered several people. Some people believe the Kennedys killed Marilyn Monroe. There are still people who believe former President George W. Bush is a war criminal who lied to draw the U.S. into a war with Iraq, though no less a journalist than Bob Woodward himself has exonerated Bush against those claims.

So perhaps such outlandish claims against Donald Trump being seriously entertained in political circles isn’t all that unusual.

For Trump, he must feel that his administration can get away with nearly anything- that is, nearly anything on his agenda, which includes much more than getting reelected- while the Democrats, and the press, are completely transfixed by whatever Trumpian Twitter drama they’ve been drawn into.

Why are we hearing about this call now? This call happened in July. If this so-called whistleblower was so concerned that U.S. democracy was in imminent and credible danger, why didn’t we hear about this in July. It’s almost October.

On the other hand, if the whistleblower was sitting on this info in order to inflict maximum damage on Trump, why now? Why not wait until closer to the election?

The same week news of the Ukrainian whistle-blower broke, the Trump administration moved to end “Catch and Release.” Under the new guidelines, any family units who do not fear return to their country of origin will be sent there immediately. Anyone crossing the border illegally, family unit or not, who fears to return to their country of origin will be returned to Mexico to await their day in U.S. court.

This is just one example of many moves this administration has managed to make, even under such intense scrutiny by the press. Intense scrutiny can be endured far better, it would seem, when it can be channeled into the places where Trump doesn’t mind we look.

Clearly, the Ukrainian call is such. Trump obviously feels, and felt, no compunction whatsoever asking the Ukraine to look into Russian election hacking and the Bidens. The Bidens have dealings in Ukraine, some of which have not been explained satisfactorily for Republicans.

Nor, it would seem, for Democratic donors and members of the liberal-leaning press, who are beginning to see former Vice President Joe Biden as less and less of a Democratic front-runner and more a political liability.

In the fight against Donald Trump, Democrats don’t want to be painted by the same brush they are using to tar Trump.

Democrats must distinguish themselves to the electorate as the antidote to Trump; not a poisonous concoction of graft and corruption.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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