I want to extend my condolences to Colonel Sohail Abid of Military Intelligence, who was killed during an operation near Killi Almas, Balochistan Wednesday and laid to rest the following day. Four other soldiers were also badly wounded.

I commend the Colonel for his sacrifice and I would like to take this opportunity to offer any of his children scholarships to the AISS school in Lahore in their father’s honor, if they would like to attend.

Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and senior military officers correctly hailed the Colonel as a hero for his actions in sacrificing his life for the benefit of his Nation. The Colonel was among a group that was attempting to snuff out terrorists who were planning a suicide bombing and successfully wiped out two suicide bombers and the very dangerous Salman Badeni.

Badeni had been involved in killings of over 100 innocent people of the Hazara community and police.

For as much as there has been a strain in relations between the United States and Pakistan, Colonel Sohail Abid’s incredible courage shows once again that Pakistan can and should be a very valuable ally in the war against jihadists.

General Bajwa, who is as honorable a man as you will ever find, has done a terrific job with the military and deserves to be commended for the bravery he and his men exhibited in ridding the world of several dangerous terrorists.

May Colonel Abid rest in peace, may his family find the strength to carry on without him, and may the world honor him properly for the good that he did for the world in his final act on this earth.