Unemployment claims recently hit a 50 year low, a huge victory for America’s workers.

As a small business owner myself, it warms my heart to see this, since the people who work for me are the backbone of any success I have.

I could not do it without them.

And life has been easier for me and for them ever since the tax cut bill was passed, because I was able to expand and hire more people while also giving raises to my existing employees.

I had been looking to expand my business for some time, but the punitive tax rates were making it next to impossible for me to do it.

With the rates being lowered, I was finally able to expand, which created more jobs and greater overall revenues to share with my employees.

And my businesses were certainly not the only ones for whom this was the case.

We saw the benefits take hold with companies like Comcast, Wells Fargo, and AT & T, who gave out bonuses and raises as a result of the tax bill being passed.

The bonuses and average of $100 per month savings in tax savings are a big help to most working people.

In fact, I have an employee who told me he plans to use that money to pay his car insurance for the year.

That may not seem like a big deal to some in the upper income brackets who sneeze at that amount, but trust me, to my employee and people like him, it is indeed a very big deal.

This labor day, I think about how excited I am to continue using the money I am saving to grow my businesses and more importantly, how growing those businesses means I can hire more employees, and do my part to help make their everyday lives better.

God bless my employees, and God bless the American workforce.