A Rising Technological Tide That Lifts All Boats

A panel of senior cyber leaders discusses ‘Cyber Strategies of the Services’ panel during the 9th annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, D.C., Sept. 6, 2018.

What Henry Ford Did for Horses, Cybersecurity Can Do For Medicare

Henry Ford did more to improve the lives of horses than any animal advocate who has ever lived. It’s true.

The Bank Without a Safe

The U.S. healthcare system has a major problem. That the cost of healthcare in America remains financially out of reach for so many is only a symptom.

Pay and Chase

Why is Medicare fraud so tempting to thieves? One reason is systemic: The way these programs are currently managed, claims are paid first and paid claims found to be fraudulent are prosecuted later, if at all.

Medicare: Born 1965 — Died ____.

Pay and chase exists because Medicare was conceived and created during a much simpler time in medical administration, when gaming the system would have been far more difficult.

How Much Does Medicare Fraud Cost the U.S?

No one really knows.

More Than Money: Driving the Opioid Epidemic

Fraudulent claims for opioid addiction treatments, home health-care services, equipment, and prescription medications cost American patients much more than money.

The Medicare Strike Force

In the last two decades, concerted efforts have been made by law enforcement agencies to combat Medicare fraud, particularly organized Medicare fraud.

Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas delivers remarks at during the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fifth Annual Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, D.C., Sept. 27, 2016. Official DHS photo by Jetta Disco. (U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS))

Stopping Medicare Fraud Before It Starts

R-MOR is one American cybersecurity and online research company that uses WebINT technology to analyze vast amounts of data compiled from multiple web sources, including the dark web and deep web sources.

  • Verify eligible users
  • Identify and remove ineligible enrollees from the system
  • Identify recipients who are ‘double dipping’ benefits
  • Pinpoint users making claims with false information

The Change Has Come

Some state and local governments have already begun contracting third-party cybersecurity firms like R-MOR to carry out system-wide ‘clean-ups’, clearing out a cache of fraudulent users and mismanagements to the tune of millions of dollars in savings.

Web Intelligence System

The Medicare Fraud Division and state governments could all benefit from implementing such an integrated web intelligence system.



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