On Sunday, Imran Khan gave his first major speech since becoming Prime Minister and it had all the makings of he beginning of a very successful tenure.

“I will fight the corrupt. Either this country will survive or the corrupt people,” he said.

That is something many have promised to do in the past but failed to deliver on.

However, Khan laid out a plan that — if executed correctly — has the potential to finally fix the corruption and other major issues.

As I have talked about in previous articles, Khan assured the nation that he would work to develop better relations with neighboring countries which should be a boon not only for peace, but for prosperity.

This is where having an experienced diplomat like Pervaiz Elahi on his side will make a huge difference in a positive way.

It is well-known that the powerful in Pakistan dodge taxes, something PM Khan vowed to put a stop to so that he may have additional funds to take care of the needy.

His way of doing this would be to create a progressive tax system that would actually require less government spending.

While I have faith in PM Khan, I must admit I am curious to see the particulars on that because it is going to be a very ambitious move and will be easier said than done.

As far as children go, PM Khan said he remains committed to building their future and protecting them.

To that end, he will live elsewhere and turn the PM’s house into a university for students to learn.

Further, he vowed to take care of the victims of child abuse and severely punish those committing the abuse.

Other highlights of the speech include a proposal to create a South Punjab province, various reforms in police, govt schools, and hospitals, as well as the creation of health cards to be distributed nationwide.

A mixture of big and small ideas, all of which are necessary but require careful planning and execution.

I believe Prime Minister Khan is the right man to oversee that planning and execution and have great hope that with his leadership, Pakistan will be well on its way to a new era of expansion that will ultimately bring about peace and prosperity for the nation’s citizens.