I’m not going go lie, I am surrounded by talk about politics what seems like 24/7.

So last night, I took a much needed break.

No social media. No talking to friends about politics. Nothing.

I completely unplugged and I felt liberated.

I went out for a,nice dinner, I saw a great show, I conversed with strangers without even thinking about politics.

It was s great night and I need to do it more often.

Frankly, so do you.

Well, that is if you are engulfed in this stuff like I am all the time.

Which is funny because I realized last night that most people are not actually engrossed in politics around the clock.

The world is not full of angry Twitter commenters or people on the DC beltway.

It is mostly occupied by people who love their friends and family and just want to live their lives.

They want a nice night out not s shouting match over tax policy.

They want to play games with their children and spend quality time with spouses not bicker with strangers over foreign policy.

They realize you only get one chance on this earth and while that does not mean political issues should be ignored, it does mean they can’t take over your entire life.

I want to be more like those people and I’m going to try to be going forward.

We all should.

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