After the recent “shootout” outside Nationals Stadium during a home game, locals, including DC Police Chief Robert Contee, are demanding action.

Washington D.C. Jan. 18, 2021. — Washington D.C. Police Chief Robert J. Contee speaks with Chief Deputy Lamont Ruffin from D.C. District Court just before swearing in 1657 law enforcement officers from across the country as Special Deputy U.S. Marshals prior to the presidential inauguration. Mass swearing ins like this take place before every presidential inauguration to increase the law enforcement presence in the capital for the safety of all involved as well as spectators. (Photo by Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals Office of Public Affairs)

“People are really mad as hell right now, and I don’t blame them, because I am too. That’s the reality,” D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee said during an emotional press conference Friday. “I think people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think that people want to ensure that there is accountability for what’s happening in our communities.”

DC Police Chief provides updates on 14th and Riggs St. shooting. July 23, 2021. (WUSA9)

“I’ve been in…

Companies trying to get office workers to return to in-person work have their work cut out for them.

Photo by Laurenz Heymann on Unsplash.

“For all that we’ve been able to achieve while many of us have been separated, the truth is that there has been something essential missing from this past year: each other,” wrote CEO Tim Cook to Apple employees in June. “Video conference calling has narrowed the distance between us, to be sure, but there are things it simply cannot replicate.”

Apple employees, Cook outlined, starting in September would be required to show up at the office- at least part of the time.

After a year of unpopular lock-downs, incumbents may be facing serious blowback at the ballot box.

“Recall Newsom”information booth at a Bass Pro Shop in San Jose, California. February 28, 2021. (photo: jpellgen (@1179_jp))

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, once and future darling of the Democratic Party, announced in May that she will not be seeking reelection in the fall. Though she failed to specify exactly why, she did make it a point to mention her decision was not based on fear of losing or lack of financial support for her candidacy.

“Can she fundraise? YES,” Bottoms wrote of herself in a public letter explaining her decision to the city of Atlanta. …

How will the U.S. respond?

People protest against a tax reform currently being discussed in Colombia, outside the Congress in Bogota on December 16, 2019. — The government of Colombian President Ivan Duque has been facing protests against his economic policies, unemployment, political corruption and drug-financed violence. (Photo by Juan BARRETO / AFP)

Summer of Discontent

Things have been heating up in the Western Hemisphere this summer. As the war in Afghanistan draws down, Biden’s administration will have to shift focus to the growing tensions in Central and South America.

Pivoting away from an isolationist policy, the U.S. might do well to turn its sights on its own backyard. Attacks in Colombia, a tense election in Peru, and crackdowns in Nicaragua — President Biden has a lot on his plate.

What will it mean for the future of U.S. foreign policy?

Here is the rundown:


The June 15 car bomb attack

Why is any progressive still buying Ben & Jerry’s anyway?

Photo by Shawn-Olivier Boivin Blanchard on Unsplash.

In the short version of this story, ice cream giant Ben & Jerrys joined the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement aimed at Israel this week; in response, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and several New York City supermarkets boycotted Ben & Jerry’s.

In a press release entitled “Ben & Jerry’s Will End Sales of Our Ice Cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” the company made the following statement:

July 19, 2021

We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in…

While well-intentioned, it just won’t do what U.S. progressives want it to do: The world is too globalized; and not globalized enough.

CLIMATE JUSTICE OR RIOT. Global climate change strike — No Planet B — Global Climate Strike 09–20–2019. (photo: Markus Spiske)

That U.S. progressives are a bit confused about climate change should come as no surprise to the world at large.

The “science is settled” folks don’t like it much, but they obviously don’t like science much either. In science, few things as complicated and complex as climate change are ever “settled”. Most scientific theories are proven incorrect; most scientific experiments end in failure.

Scientific predictions about the future are equally fallible. …

The Biden Administration is blaming Facebook for failing to meet its vaccination goal. Are they right?

“Life in the Time of Covid.” July 27, 2020. (photo: Billie Grace Ward)

“I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place,” were the famous last words of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams: “I was wrong about that.”

Besides wondering if Mr. Williams had ever met any people prior to inventing Twitter, and marveling at his naiveté, we now have a new burning question with which to test the above statement against the harsh, uncompromising lines of reality.

It goes without saying that Evan Williams…

While Larry Nassar preyed on young female athletes, the FBI ignored witness statements, sat on vital evidence, failed to investigate, and lied about it.

“Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announced today the release of an Investigation and Review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Handling of Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Former USA Gymnastics Physician Lawrence Gerard Nassar,” began a recently released Department of Justice report, innocuously enough.

The disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor and current registered sex offender is now serving out an over 100 year sentence for child pornography and sexually assaulting…

Jeff Bezos, call me.

Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash.

Everyone loves shopping online. Retailers love selling online.

For buyers, the selection is unparalleled, there is something for everyone and every budget, and you never even have to leave home.

Thanks to online shopping, retailers can reach a wider market than ever and sell their goods to all and sundry, without the hassle and overhead of a brick-and-mortar establishment. The relative ease of fulfilling orders often trumps the expense and management responsibilities of a sales staff.

The only fly in the ointment, the only trouble in paradise, is a massive upsurge in returned goods that are…

The choice between high rates of crime or high rates of incarceration is no choice at all.

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash.

A perfect storm of crime appears to be descending on the U.S.

It isn’t the result of some diabolical plot; there is no evil mastermind behind it. It’s simple math:

What do you get when you take 18-months of living through a pandemic; add lock-downs, plus a great deal of uncertainty and fear; then throw in social unrest and the most contentious, and unusual, election in living memory?

It isn’t a rhetorical question: We are all in the process of finding out. …

Dr. Munr Kazmir

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