With only 23 looting days until Christmas, brazen robbers are redoubling their efforts to steal holiday cheer- from this year and the next.

A series of smash-and-grab, flash-mob type robberies have resulted in shopping districts in major cities again boarding up shopfronts- just in time for the holidays.

This is…

Love them or hate them, vaccine mandates are worsening the labor shortage where we can least afford it.

Ah; the holidays. What a glorious time of year.

From the Jewish high holy celebration of Hanukkah, to the Christian and secular celebrations of Christmas, to the meaning-imbued traditions of Kwanza; there…

Why? (Besides the obvious.)

As Americans indulge in the modern holiday bloodsport of Black Friday shopping, and recover from the excesses of two Thanksgivings rolled into one, President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet under the advancing weight of inflation, higher fuel prices and a supply line slowdown.


If confirmed, Dilawar Syed will become the highest-ranking Muslim-American official in history. Why won’t Republicans allow a vote?

Successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dilawar Syed is the quintessential American success story.

As a nation, if we were to elect a poster-child for American exceptionalism, Dilawar Syed would be the perfect candidate.

Senate Republicans are stonewalling Biden nominees for political reasons, according to GOP Sen. Jim Risch- including GOP Sen. Jim Risch.

Republican Senator James Risch (R-Idaho) is one of the few Republicans willing to be perfectly honest about why so many Biden nominees are still mired in the confirmation process.


Dr. Munr Kazmir

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