You’ve changed.

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Polling in America has changed.

Many pollsters are no longer making a good-faith determination of public opinion on any particular issue or politician. Instead, polls are being commissioned and deployed strategically to influence public opinion, the outcome of upcoming elections, the direction of public policies, and all sorts of other things.

None of this is good of course.

In spite of the fact that polls are breaking increasingly favorably for Democrats, such does not necessarily translate into success at the ballot box. Without reliable polls, Democrats can’t even be certain that their strategic polling is having any effect.

The French President was once a darling of the U.S. progressive movement. Lately, he’s been disappointing them.

French President Emmanuel Macron. November 23, 2017. (photo: Jacques Paquier)


The country gets left out of discussions about Brexit, about the equally unexpected election of Donald Trump.

Strangely, in the U.S. and in other countries seriously considering strategies of dealing with the environmental toll human industry has taken over the previous century, France doesn’t come up much either.

Not even as a cautionary tale, which is perhaps unfortunate.

Environmental austerity measures in France, culminating in an extremely unpopular tax on fuel, gave rise to the “Yellow Vest” movement in 2017, which is…

Being wrong is the human condition.

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If you happened to be out of the country when Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, you could be forgiven for any shock you felt upon returning to the states the following day.

“New Orleans Spared!” screamed the headlines of U.S. newspapers in Mexico that morning.

New Orleans, of course, had not been spared. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

Thing was, to the great chagrin of news media giants, as of press time, the storm had indeed shifted and appeared to be about to just miss the Big Easy. …

Burger King picked a fight with Chick-fil-A to boost sales during Pride Month. Is BK fighting the good fight or just cashing in?

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If you were to have asked your average progressive what they though about massive corporations five years ago- post-Occupy Wall Street, pre-Trump- you might have received a completely different answer to the one you’d get today.

Progressive views about big corporations have…changed.

Five years ago, average progressives, by and large supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement, viewed corporations in askance. Some progressives had even started to notice that under the auspices of “globalism”, these corporations had…

The consummate political survivor faces his toughest challenge yet. Is it a referendum on his Covid-19 response?

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III participates in a joint press briefing with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, April 12, 2021. (DoD Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders)

Covid-19: It changed the future, and not just in America.

When American actress and Democrat Party activist Jane Fonda called Covid-19, “God’s gift to the left,” she wasn’t just being unacceptably flippant about a deadly pandemic which has cost so many lives and livelihoods.

Fact is, Trump’s handling of the pandemic, and the unprecedented economic shut-downs it presaged, obviously didn’t do him any favors in his unsuccessful bid for reelection.

Prior to Covid-19, however, the U.S. economy was clipping along at a lively…

Has Hollywood finally given movie theaters up for dead? Or have movie-goers given up on Hollywood?

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Cue the listicles about things COVID-19 changed or destroyed forever.

“10 things that will never be the same after Covid.” “4 things we won’t miss in the world, post-Covid.” “3 ways to tell if someone’s been vaccinated (without asking them).”

But first, we have to venture out of our houses and pods again to determine what’s left of our old world in the post-Covid apocalyptic landscape.

What survived? What is barely limping on, zombie like, across the retail wasteland?

What is gone forever and…

One: Reading The Epiphany Machine will not discover anything about you that you do not, in some way, already know.

“The Epiphany Machine,” by David Burr Gerrard, book jacket. (photo: David Burr Gerrard, Twitter)

Those of us who write, usually read voraciously- it’s kind of a trade secret.

Some writers are forced to write because we have read so many books, consumed so many words from the human historical record, writing comes spilling out unbidden, like an overstuffed dictionary leaking letters.

If you’re of the writing persuasion, nothing is immaterial, either. The backs of shampoo bottles, newspaper advertisements, book jackets, opera librettos, tsunami preparedness guides; we read everything.

This of course includes a fair…

In a society that venerates overnight success, failure is underrated.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash.

Among all the humans who have ever lived on this planet, we are special.

We were born into a time, and place, utterly unprecedented in human history.

Never before have we had such high education and literacy rates, coupled with a comprehensive and nearly unlimited access to the historical record, plus the ideological and religious freedom to explore with few restrictions.

Students of world religion and theology often have their own faith traditions; the freedom to study other wisdom traditions is a precious gift they often come to treasure.


Donald Trump was embraced by Wall Street, Hollywood and the Democratic Party for decades. Long before they were against him, they made him.

(photo: Brecht Bug)

Dr. Frankenstien, I Presume?

For four long years, Donald Trump helmed the Republican Party.

For five decades before that he was embraced by Wall Street, Hollywood and Democratic Party A-listers as one of their own.

This isn’t speculation; there is ample photographic records of Trump hobnobbing with the wealthy and famous; rising political stars, well-known leaders from the African-American community, beloved athletes and television personalities.

No one seemed to have a problem with him in those days, for some reason.


Workers don’t want to come back to low pay, no benefits, long hours, and grumpy customers. Why should they?

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash.

As the American economy digs out from the devastating financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the result has proved a patchwork of unmet expectations, high unemployment, inflation, and plummeting consumer confidence.

To the dashed hopes of optimistic economists, the U.S. financial engine has not rebounded as fast as some predicted. Sluggish, and more than slightly unpredictable, the economy has begun to recover though.

There are still challenges for U.S. businesses, and plenty of them.

The confusing network of disparate Covid-19 restrictions — varying wildly from county to county and state to state — and the absolute nightmare of public messaging…

Dr. Munr Kazmir

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